Presentation at the Natural History Museum Vienna

„The Dice Snake in the environ of Graz."

The effects of new hydropower plants and other projects on the population of the Dice Snake (Natrix tessellata) is a controversial issue.
Werner Holzinger tries to summarize the history and presents his conclusions concerning the effectiveness of EU species protection regulatories in the light of these project realisation practices. Date: Friday, Jan 19th, 2018.

Austrian Society for Herpetology ÖGH-News (PDF)

EIA for the reconstruction of the S36 motorway

The S36 motorway in Upper Styria will be reconstructed between St. Georgen ob Judenburg and Scheifling. We prepare, in co-operation with Lacon, the ecological issues (plants, animals, habitats) for the Environmental Impact Assessment.

In 2017 and 2018 we survey birds, large mammals, bats, amphibians, reptiles, dragonflies, leaf- and planthoppers, carabid beetles, butterflies, grasshoppers and other taxa.

Later on, we assess the impacts of the new road track and develop, within a large interdisciplinary team of experts, mitigation measures.


Forest roads as habitats

This project is being executed by order of the Österreichischen Bundesforste AG (ÖBf) within the framework of the LE 14-20 program.

We investigate several animal groups (butterflies, grasshoppers, dragonflies, harvestmen, snails, amphibians, reptiles, capercaillie and hoofed game) along forest roads and in adjacent habitats from the lowlands to the mountains.

Survey of FFH-protected butterflies in the urban area of Graz

In 2015 and 2015 we surveyed the populations of several butterfly species of annex II and/or IV of the FFH directive (Scarce and Dusky Large Blue, Cluded Apollo, Large Copper and Jersey Tiger).

20 years of ÖKOTEAM


Our fascination for biodiversity – ranging from the imperial eagle to the smallest cicada – goes hand in hand with our professional commitment. As an ecological institute for planning and assessment, we espouse a sustainable, scientifically profound handling with issues of nature conservation. We strive to bring our convincement in line with socio-political and economical requirements.

Final event of the research project AlmWaal

Abschlussveranstaltung zum Forschungsprojekt AlmWaal

On January 21, 2013, the results of the project AlmWaal were presented in Dietenheim, South Tyrol. Main issue were historical cultural techniques of irrigation in alpine pastures by use of channels (Waalen).

Beaver Management
Beaver Management Mag. Brigitte Komposch, MSc.
Das ÖKOTEAM kann Ihnen durch unsere Biber-Expertin Mag. Brigitte KOMPOSCH, MSc. im Bibermanagement zur Seite stehen. Gerne wird sie Ihre Fragen zur Vermeidung oder Lösung von Konflikten beantworten.

Species Conservation Project - Hermit beetle
Species Conservation Project - Hermit beetle Machen Sie mit!
Unsere ForscherInnen und der Spürhund Iuma kommen zu Ihnen – finden wir diesen Käfergiganten in ihrem Obstgarten? Melden Sie sich an! Juchtenkäfer-Hotline ÖKOTEAM: 0316/351650,


OekoKAT Aspirator
OekoKAT Aspirator ÖKOTEAM
Das ÖKOTEAM hat in Zusammenarbeit mit einem Kuststofftechniker eine Serie von Aspiratoren/Exhaustoren entwickelt, die speziell auf die Bedürfnisse von EntomologInnen abgestimmt ist. Der Auffangbehälter ist durchsichtig, bruchfest und besticht durch eine hohe chemische Beständigkeit.


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